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Real Films for Counter-Radicalism Forums; Seeking the Imam

Dhania was starved of attention and guidance in search of her identity and personal development.

The mundane daily regime of junior high school carved an emptiness in her heart, then grey-washed her spirit, before creating a vacuum in her soul. Stumbling on accounts of other young girls in ISIS, a strong feeling swept over Dhania that her father was no longer the ‘Imam’ (leader) she had been longing for. She decided to migrate to Syria to live under ‘The Caliphate’. Concerned for her safety, her family packed and followed her, along with their relatives.

about the programme

The Real Films for Counter-Radicalism Forums programme is a series of engagements through uniquely friendly yet focused forums based on originally produced real-life films featuring varying unsuspecting motivations and vulnerabilities of youths to radicalism through cyber space. It takes a social approach (complementing security mechanisms) highlighting social-related vulnerabilities versus traditional notion of merely ideological appeal.


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