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a humanitarian interfaith organisation

Collective Compassion in Motion



bringing common people
onto common grounds
for common good

​A less-than-common ground-up non-profit, Humanity Matters is a Singaporean humanitarian interfaith organisation. It is established as a collaborative and collective vehicle which runs on common values for common good.


HM strives to catalyse and realise regional cooperation for humanitarian relief and sustainable civic development, to serve disaster-prone, disadvantaged and vulnerable communities across Asia. HM consciously engages the community and faith sectors to put collective compassion in motion. 


To date, HM has responded to typhoons, floods, earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruption in Indonesia, India, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines and Turkey. 


Since February 2020, it provided relief support for the COVID-19 emergency management across Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India and Palestine. 


HM consciously and constructively engages the faith sector, along with the public, private and people sectors, to uplift lives and enhance dignity of disaster-stricken and disadvantaged communities regardless of country, culture or creed. 


Additionally, HM implements programmes via a social dimension approach which explores and emphasises on social needs, nexus and nuances, to help identify and alleviate risks that threaten social cohesion, confidence and resilience, particularly in multicultural societies.


Through multi-sector partnerships, HM strives to address prevailing and pressing issues including cultural, racial and religious misconception, polarisation, discrimination, extremism, exclusivism, radicalism and terrorism.

Black Washed Wall
Black Background


A Compassionate, Cohesive & Collaborative Coexistence

Black Background


To catalyse constructive local and regional exchanges and collaborations based on common values for

common good

Black Background


Sincerity  |  Efficacy  |  Humility

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