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Real Films for Counter-Radicalism Forums; 'Radically Romantic'

Ika was in search for love, redemption and purpose.

Being in foreign lands with a job that offers little opportunities for public interaction and socialisation, loneliness is a normal and

natural consequence. 'Radically Romantic' explores the story of Ika, a domestic helper from Indonesia who went online to connect with the outside world, seeking company, comfort, affection and religious penance. Though she found guidance and love online, she was in fact courted by predatory radicals and extremists in the cyber realm – recruiting and readying her to be a suicide-bomber.

about the programme

The Real Films for Counter-Radicalism Forums programme is a series of engagements through uniquely friendly yet focused forums based on originally produced real-life films featuring varying unsuspecting motivations and vulnerabilities of youths to radicalism through cyber space. It takes a social approach (complementing security mechanisms) highlighting social-related vulnerabilities versus traditional notion of merely ideological appeal.


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