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In conjunction with UN International Day of Human Fraternity
& UN World Interfaith Harmony Week


Humanity Matters today launched the newly expanded and enhanced Faithful Footprints [Nationwide] interfaith heritage programme, in conjunction with the UN International Day of Human Fraternity and the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week.  Mr Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community & Youth, and Second Minister for Law, graced the occasion as the Guest-of-Honour, and officiated the launch of the social cohesion programme at the MND Auditorium.


Chairman of Humanity Matters (HM), Ambassador Ong Keng Yong, hosted the launch event which was attended by 50 leaders and senior members from the community, faith, youth, private and public sectors.  Among them were Justice Chao Hick Tin, Chairman of the Presidential Council for Religious Harmony, and Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, Permanent Member of the Presidential Council for Minority Rights.  Earlier in the day, 16 participants comprising members of the Inter-Racial & Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC) and grassroots organisations; non-native citizens and residents, and alumni of Niche Schools, kickstarted the new Faithful Footprints  programme with a shared experiential interfaith and citizenry journey.


Faithful Footprints (FF) Nationwide is especially curated for non-native citizens and residents; students and alumni of niche schools; social educationists, grassroots, interfaith and youth activists.  The 6-hour programme comprises five segments – a 25-minute video Trailer on the history and stories of faith and migrant communities; a 1.7km physical Trail of eight faith institutions across the Bencoolen area, and a Tour of the Harmony in Diversity Gallery.  It seeks to uncover lasting legacies and inspiring legendary personalities across two centuries of Singapore’s history, where a mixture of native and migrant communities of varying countries, cultures and creeds co-existed harmoniously and constructively within a small common Kampong space and contributing significantly towards laying the sound foundations to Singapore’s social progress and economic success.  The interfaith heritage programme is made unique as it includes a Thought-exploring workshop on pressing and prevailing issues that affect social cohesion, confidence and resilience; and concludes with a fireside Talk where participants reflect on their shared learning journey and exchange their aspirations and concerns on Singapore's diversity and cohesion, while understanding the burden, brunt, blessings and benefits of multiculturalism.


The other key objective is to remind participants that a modern and prosperous multicultural country brings with it new challenges of complexity, hence the need to consciously and continuously focus on and practise active, contributive and constructive citizenry.  The FF Nationwide programme is supported by the National Integration Council of the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY).


n his welcome address, Ambassador Ong shared, “Humanity Matters is continuously striving to creatively curate programmes to promote cohesive diversity and constructive citizenry among our citizens and residents.  Today’s Faithful Footprints Nationwide launch event is consciously held to coincide with two important occasions or observances globally – the UN International Day of Human Fraternity, and the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week.  We hope that by seizing on these two occasions, it can help amplify the narrative which we strive towards – ‘One Nation, One Humanity’, regardless of our culture, colour, creed or gender.” [Speech Attached].


The pilot series of the Faithful Footprints (FF) programme was supported by the Temasek Foundation and unveiled in August 2019 by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat.  The programme was originally intended to help better acquaint, assimilate and integrate non-native citizens and residents, and students of Niche Schools, to the Singapore spirit and model of multiculturalism  The pilot series of 20 runs drew in 518 participants, with many very positive and appreciative feedback, including to make it available to native citizens. 


While the Covid-19 pandemic had caused widespread disruptions, deaths and disinformation across the world, locally, Singaporeans saw significant cases of discrimination and discomfort, and to some extent distrust, which went viral online across all segments of Singaporeans.  This is intensified by the Work-From-Home scheme, along with the increased reliance on the internet and digital applications, and greater indulgence in the social media.  Hence, the new FF programme, is expanded to include Grassroots, IRCC and youth leaders, along with alumni of Niche Schools, who are more exposed to on-the-ground issues relating to race and religion.

Those who are interested to participate in the Faithful Footprints interfaith heritage learning journey may enquire or register through their respective institutions or organisations via

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