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Faithful Footprints
Interfaith Heritage Programme

Launch of 'Faithful Footprints' Interfaith Heritage Pilot Programme
A new heritage trail is curated in the year of Singapore’s bicentennial commemoration to foster an appreciation of Singapore’s diversity and promote better integration and cohesion among all Singaporeans.

A newly curated interfaith heritage trail comprising visits to eight different places of worship across a historical area in Singapore was launched as part of the ‘Faithful Footprints’ Interfaith Heritage Programme.

Comprising a trail, gallery tour and dialogue session, the half-day programme seeks to acquaint all Singaporeans to the development of harmonious multiculturalism in Singapore since two centuries ago, including new citizens, permanent residents and younger Singaporeans and others who wish to learn more about the country’s heritage. The programme also seeks to foster a deeper appreciation of past and prevailing challenges faced in building racial and religious harmony which is central to Singapore’s continued socio-economic developments.

More than 60 residents of diverse backgrounds from South East district were joined by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat as he officially launched the programme when they toured the Harmony in Diversity Gallery (HDG) after the trail. Mayor of South East district, Dr Maliki Osman, and Chief Executive of Temasek Foundation Connects, Mr Lim Hock Chuan, also participated in the launch programme.

Participants connected their newly acquired experiences from the trail to Singapore’s recent past as they are guided through HDG’s four galleries of exhibits, artefacts and interactive features showcasing Singapore’s efforts to build interfaith peace.

At the conclusion of the programme, Mayor Dr Maliki said, “From our history, Singapore is mainly a country of migrants with three DNA traits – multiculturalism, openness and self-determination. In this regard, we must continue to build on what our forefathers have done. Cohesion is critical. We must recognise also that we have come a long way but a modern, prosperous country also brings with it new challenges of complexity. Complex matters typically do not have instant or single-dimension solutions. Issues and interests are often inter-connected and inter-dependent.”

Chief Executive of Temasek Foundation Connects, Mr Lim Hock Chuan, shared, “It is amazing to experience through this programme how Singapore has evolved throughout the centuries since its founding and even before that, but one thing has remained strong and that is our multicultural heritage and values. Through supporting this programme, Temasek Foundation hopes to provide more opportunities for all Singaporeans, including young and new Singaporeans to appreciate our blessings as a harmonious society, and stay strong and cohesive as a nation.”


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