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There have been increasing frequency, intensity and scale of natural disasters over the last two decades. Coupled with rapidly-changing social and security landscapes where extreme ideologies seriously threaten social sustainability, cohesion and confidence, there is real and urgent need to identify and address common concerns and goals - consciously, constructively and collectively.


The latest Pew Research Centre Survey Report uncovered that people and governments around the world ranked the top two international threats to humanity as Climate Change and Global Terrorism.


Humanity Matters (HM) shall be the platform for regional civic catalysts and activists to collaborate on key common values – peace, compassion and care, to collectively serve vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.  Given the regional social, environmental and economic challenges, HM seeks to be the common vehicle for people of different denominations, to contribute towards the peace and progress of ASEAN and Asian communities. 

About HM

Humanity Matters (HM) is established as a collaborative and collective vehicle which runs on common values for common good. It seeks to catalyse and realise regional cooperation for humanitarian relief and sustainable civic development, based on vulnerabilities of local communities across Asia.  HM shall consciously and constructively engage the faith sector, along with the public, private and people sectors, to uplift lives and enhance dignity of the disadvantaged regardless of country, culture or creed. 


A Compassionate, Collaborative

& Cohesive Coexistence



To catalyse constructive local and regional exchanges and collaborations based on common values for common good


Asean  Citizenry
Bond Communities
Community Resilience
Disaster  Management
Enliven Common Values

Sincerity   Efficacy  |  Humility

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